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Your care advocate may attend your medical appointments and provide feedback to your family members. If hospitalized, the care advocate will work with hospital staff and attend discharge conferences to help develop a discharge plan focused on your goals.

Services available through the Care Advocacy Program:
  • Advocacy with Health & Service Providers
  • Re-Assessment & Monitoring for Changing Needs
  • Resource for Transitions to Independent/Assisted Living or Nursing Home
  • Coordination of Services to assist in maintaining Goals
  • Connection to support services such as Elder Law Attorneys, Veteran’s Administration, and Community Resources
  • Guidance and Referrals to Preserve Financial Resources
  • Home Safety Inspection/ Equipment needs
  • Attend Discharge Meetings
  • Medical Appointment scheduling and accompaniment
Medication Administration Machines

Successfully treating diseases such as chronic heart failure, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are highly dependent on treatment with medication, as well as life style changes. Medications are involved in 80 percent of all treatments and impact every aspect of a senior's life.

Proper medication compliance is critical for the wellbeing of our aging population; and if not managed properly, can create serious problems. Medication-related problems are among the top five greatest threats to the health of seniors, with 10.7% of hospitalizations among older adults due to adverse drug events such as not taking prescribed medications or taking too much of them.

Our care advocates are here to help
  • Collaboration between physicians and pharmacy
  • Calling to refill your prescriptions
  • Picking up your prescriptions
  • Solutions for remembering to take medications
  • Education on what each drug’s purpose, potential side effects, and when and how to take them in some states.
  • Direct connection to Medication Administration companies
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"“I don’t know what I would have done without Debbie (care advocate)! There were so many things to coordinate and we didn’t even know where to start when we brought my husband home from rehabilitation. Debbie coordinated everything and stayed in close contact with us."
- Jenny
Medical Travel Assistance

Senior and disabled citizens desire to keep their independence and their way of life. Traveling long distances doesn’t have to impede maintaining their lifestyle. Whether it is for leisure – such as seasonal travel, attending an important family event, or necessity – such as relocation to a community closer to family, Happier At Home care advocates will assist in transporting your loved one.

Careful planning goes into planning the full the itinerary – from ground transportation services, flight arrangements, and connecting flights… to wheelchair needs, nutritional requirements, incontinence management, and medication management. Those with dementia will be assured that they will have an advocate by their side until they arrive safely at their destination.
Placement Services

“How do I know which options are best for my loved one?”

This is a common question, and an important one to address. Too many choices without understanding the choices or the appropriate options can lead to devastating consequences. Happier At Home care advocates are a resource in accessing information to determine the best options for your loved one. We consider all of your priorities, including location, cost, staffing, availability and social concerns.

Don’t go it alone!

We have completed the research, and will work for you to achieve your goals. We will comfortably guide you step-by-step through the healthcare maze, so be assured that you are no longer alone. We’ll provide you with the quick connections to the providers that you need.

When considering senior living communities, we will not only schedule the tours, we’ll tour with you. We’re comfortable asking questions, especially those that many families would not have thought of. We’re by your side; completing applications for admission, coordinating the day of admission, and guiding you through the start of care.

We’ll help with
  • Coordinating and overseeing In-Home Care
  • Independent Senior Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Enriched Senior Housing
  • Skilled Nursing Home care
  • Adult Day Care
  • Respite
  • Hospice
  • Continuum of Care Retirement Communities
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