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We keep the same caregiver with you for each visit!

This provides for continuity of home care. Your loved one will develop the sense of security that comes with a trusting relationship. As the caregiver gets to know your loved one, the caregiver will be able to anticipate your needs. As a friendship develops, both you and the caregiver will look forward to visits. We also do our very best to assign the same caregiver for backup care in the case of vacation time or sick calls.
We are owned and mentored by medical professionals!

You and your family will have an added benefit of the medical knowledge and instinctual caring that comes from the health profession. Your needs are looked at holistically. All aspects of you as an individual are considered when writing the Home Care Plan and choosing a caregiver, including your mental, spiritual and physical being. Our professionals will make a home visit every other month to check in on you at no additional charge.
We have a great employee retention rate!

We believe our employees and certified caregivers enjoy their work and know that we value them. They like the fact that they keep their assignment with the same client because it enables them to form relationships. They have a consistent schedule, enabling them to live a full life outside of work. Happier At Home provides the employees with continuing education; adding to the caregivers taking pride in their work.
"I could not have asked for 2 better or more caring individuals to care for my mom. Because of them, my mom truly was “Happier at Home!”..."
- Nancy
We use a computer based clock-in system!

When your caregiver arrives at your house, you should expect them to clock-in using your phone. This will allow us to see that they are clocking in on time, and that they are calling from your home number and at your home promptly. At the end of the shift, the caregiver then will clock out using the same method; allowing us once again to see that they are leaving at the appropriate time and that they are clocking out from your home number as opposed to their own cell phone.
Our Caregivers

We are devoted to providing the most professional, reliable and friendly caregivers in the industry. Our caregivers truly have a passion for caring. We look for and hire mature-minded caregivers that have real life experiences in caring, that are independent thinkers, and have shown reliability and compassion throughout their life. Often times our caregivers have cared for their own loved ones and have a desire to continue to help others, for they in turn benefit from knowing that they have made a difference in the lives of others. Most importantly, we would never hire a caregiver that we wouldn’t trust to care for our own loved ones.

All of our caregivers are employees and are bonded and insured with workers’ compensation, liability, disability and unemployment insurance.
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